Wedding Planner or Nah?


So, he popped the question and you said YES! You’ve dreamt about your dream man proposing and now it’s become a reality. You’re ecstatic, full of love and cannot wait to plan your big day. Only to realize once you start thinking about every little detail of your wedding you feel overwhelmed and a sense of stress. Where do you start? Where will you have the wedding? What colors will you go with? The questions are endless! This is where a wedding planner comes in. Wedding planners are not for everyone, but they do, however, make the planning process a heck of a lot easier for the bride and groom. Not to mention you get to enjoy the process a little more, rather than stressing about every little detail. After all, this is one of the most special days of your life; you want to make sure you enjoy every last detail of it!

Quick Reasons Why A Planner Is RecommendeD...

1. Allows you to enjoy the process and reduces stress

2. Helps you avoid costly mistakes

3. Provides professional advice

4. Budget Management

5. Conducts Contract Reviews & Negotiations

6. Gives you a safe place to vent because quite honestly your friends are tired of hearing about it!

7. Creates a seamless wedding day

What exactly will a wedding planner help me with?

A planner will save you loads of stress and feelings of being overwhelmed, but you ask yourself, “What exactly will my consultant help me with?” This can differ depending on what package you decide to go with. Each planner offers different packages, meaning what services they will be helping you with or even handling on their own during the wedding planning process.

Do you want a planner to help from start to finish? Are you having your planner assist halfway through the process or do you just need day of coordination? Figuring you’re wanting help from beginning to end (full service), this can be more detailed as far as what your planner will do. Your consultant will do all the planning and dirty work; calling vendor after vendor, scheduling cake tastings, setting up appointments and so on. She will be at each and every appointment with you to help share her ideas and expertise. Planners want your day to be over the top special, so typically they will go above and beyond to make sure this happens. Your wedding planner will make sure your big day is the wedding of your dreams!

Planner or No Planner this is your day! We suggest enjoying every moment of it!