Bridal Beat Down


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Alright ladies, let’s talk makeup! On your big day, what look are you going for? What is your day to day makeup regimen? When it comes to makeup, are you more conservative or edgy? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself before you decide what makeup look you want on your wedding day.

Your personality, facial characteristics and wedding dress design should all be factors you take into consideration when you create your amazing final look for your wedding day.


This is strictly a personal preference. If you are the girl that always has your friends help you with your makeup then you definitely want to go with a professional on your wedding day. You want your wedding day makeup to be created by someone with skill and expertise. For the ladies that are the makeup gurus, you might decide to do to it yourself or it might just be a matter of not wanting to worry about doing your own makeup on your big day, so you hire a professional. Either way, you want a look that is both beautiful and long lasting.

A few makeup looks that may inspire you for your wedding day:

Bold and alluring eyes

Natural wedding makeup

Bold and colorful Lips

Smokey eyes with soft makeup

Bold lips and eyes

Soft smokey eyes with pink lips (my fave!)