Grooms Inspiration

 For the Dapper Groom and his Groomsmen


Ladies, we do so much to make sure our look is absolutely perfect on our wedding day. Even though it’s extremely important for you to look and feel like the beautiful woman that you are, you don’t want to forget about the most important man in your life…your future hubby! Most guys will take all the advice they can get, when it comes to choosing their wedding attire. Although we know, there are some men that feel pretty fearless in this area; a few helpful tips can always go a long way. 

The wedding process can be stressful for both the bride and groom, but we all know, when it comes to shopping and trying to find an outfit…this is typically not something men enjoy! There’s even more pressure on them since it’s such an important day. To make it as easy as possible for guys to feel good about the wedding process, any suggestions or input would help your groom immensely.

Since we are enjoying the spring season right now, we’ll focus on some great spring looks for your man……

Classic Tuxedo

This look is self-explanatory. If you’re wedding is indoors, traditional and fancy; you can not go wrong with this classic look.

Seersucker Suit

In my opinion, a seersucker suit is the true definition of spring suits for men. This look is great for a spring wedding or a Southern wedding.

Laid Back Blazer

This is for the casual bride and groom. A laid back blazer with some slacks is a great look for a backyard or garden wedding.

Pale Colored Suit

This look is seasonally appropriate and looks effortless. Pale colors are great for an outdoor wedding.

Fellas, don’t forget about your shoes!