Beautiful and Long Lasting Wedding Hairstyles

If you’re anything like me, when my hair looks good, I feel good. I could have on my yoga’s with my boyfriend’s t-shirt, but still feel like a million dollars if my hair is styled. Of course, on your wedding day you want that same feeling only with a lot more glam (leave your yoga’s and boyfriend’s t-shirt at home).  On your wedding day you not only want a style that is beautiful, but also long lasting. There are so many different hair types, hair textures and different face shapes, it’s important on your wedding day that you find a hairstyle that works for you and a style that makes you feel glamorous and beautiful. When deciding on a hairstyle, think about what type of bride do you want to be: traditional, chic, romantic, modern, bohemian, beach, etc.?  Once you decide the look that is best for you, you can narrow it down to the look you want for your big day.  I’ll provide suggestions of hairstyle ideas that are beautiful and long lasting for different types of hair.

Straight hair….

If you fall into this category like me, you know how much we love adding curls into our hair.  Being that you have straight hair, you will probably have to use extra product to maintain your look. You can go for an updo or wear your hair down with curls.

Hair ideas: Updo with curls, Down-do with voluminous curls, Boho down-do.


Curly Hair….

Don’t fight it! Ladies, if you have naturally curly hair, work with what you have! Most women with straight hair try to achieve what you have naturally. Typically, when you have curly hair you also get the natural volume, which is great for any updo or down-do.

Hair ideas: Twisted curls, Romantic updo, Side swept do.


Ethnic Hair….

Whether you have wavy, straight, curly or kinky hair you want to make sure you use products that are made for you hair texture. You can either work with your natural hair or get a weave or extensions for your big day.

Hair ideas: Tousled waves, High donut bun, Back twist updo.


No matter your hair type, face shape, or hair texture you want to choose a style that is timeless, but also fashion forward.  Also, don’t be afraid of hair product on your wedding day, this is an easy fix to long lasting hair! Hair accessories are a beautiful and glamorous addition to any hairstyle!

Fun tip….

Plan a girls day (or weekend) and make it all about hair and/or wedding stuff! Pop open a bottle of champagne and get your creative juices flowing. You can use this time to talk about different hairstyles, share ideas, watch hair tutorials and do each other’s hair.  Not only will this help you and your bridesmaids narrow down some hair ideas, but it also allows everyone in your bridal party to get to know one another, making your big day that much more special. Plus, you get to bond with all of your girls! 


Until Next Time,