The Maids

Choices, Choices & More Choices!

FINALLY…he asked and you said, “YES!”  Now, you are officially engaged! Ecstatic and overjoyed after patiently, sometimes impatiently waiting for this moment you call all of your family and friends to share the great news! On cloud nine, you overlooked the suggestive language from those closest to you with the presumption that they will not only be AT the wedding but that they will be IN the wedding. A few weeks later, you and your fiancé (doesn’t that sound good?!) discuss bridal party size. And now, the fun really begins…

Aligning the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen in the bridal party can be daunting on its own. Integrating your dreams with the expectations or requests of others may seem like a nightmare. Wake up, scroll down and read…let Redberri ease your mind!

Let’s lay the foundation. REMEMBER, the goal is always for you and your fiancé to be in harmony with one another.  Talk, listen, negotiate and agree! This will be instrumental through the entire wedding planning process. If necessary, pause…focus to what is most important to you and fiancé.

Redberri suggests creating a bridal party wish list with your fiancé to gauge the potential size of the party. Keep in mind; it may unrealistic to include everyone. If family, childhood friends, high school besties, college roommates, and possibly work BFF’s are contemplated the bridal party may become the guest list! So, as necessary, pare the list down based on priorities pre-determined by you and your fiancé.


A few useful tricks to follow that can help to finalize your bridal party:

 1.      Limit your bridal party to close family members and friends that are considered family.

 2.      Less can be more.

 3.      Don’t ask someone you are unsure about.

 4.      Golden rules are fairy tales. For example, what if your fiancé has 3 sisters? Do you include all of them? There is no golden rule for instances like this!

 5.      Pick someone who will simplify not complicate life. If you know someone is having financial problems, don’t ask! If you know someone has a hard time working with others, don’t ask!

6.    Favor great energy and good vibes!

7.    Opt for people who are GENUINELY happy for you and your fiancé!

8.    Decide based on who YOU want to stand by your side. There is no such thing as an obligation. No exceptions. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you.

9.    Keep those that will help make the journey and wedding one to remember!

10.  LAST BUT NOT LEAST, follow your heart!!

This day is all about you & your fiancé! Choose a great group of people who will help you make your wedding one to remember!

Have FUN with your squad!

Have FUN with your squad!

Stay Fabulous!