Most women, including myself, have their wedding planned before they even have Mr. Right!  Instinctively, women love planning things, whether it’s a wedding or a dinner party. If you’d ask my husband he would say I just love to spend money but I beg to differ.   Like many women, I love the excitement of planning a perfect event not only for myself but also for the enjoyment of others. 

During our couples retreat, we discussed the value of marriage and the necessity of being financially stable to get married.  It seems that nowadays the wedding is more important than the marriage. We can thank social media and reality television for that as they have glorified wedding planning and the wedding! Society is enamored with extravagant OVER THE TOP weddings. And as a result, weddings are now a production. This says very little about how to plan for life after the big day. 

 How do you view marriage?  Should couples come into a marriage equally yoked and both financially stable?  In my personal opinion, marriage is all about partnership and building a solid team.  When building a foundation for the future debt should not be an option, especially from a wedding.  Don’t allow the amount of “likes” on social media impact the decision making for the wedding or determine if your wedding day was perfect or not.  A beautiful couple willing to confess their love in front of GOD, family and friends is what makes a wedding perfect.  Investing (as described below), energy and money are equally important with the wedding as it is with the marriage.


Invest:  Take the time to get to know one another on a new level now that the wedding is over.  Note, there is a difference between spending time and investing time.  Let’s break it down! Spending means using something up or exhausting it, without anything in return or a mutual benefit. When you invest time you  are engaging in activities that you both enjoy which are calculated to bring meaningful rewards to the relationship. Investing your time in each other leads to a stronger happier marriage. You can’t afford not to.  How will you and your honey invest time after wedding is done?   I suggest engaging in different activities and conversations with a circle of close friends to build great memories and an even better legacy.


Energy: Don’t let the excitement and thrill go after the wedding! Do things together in order to stay energized. Exercising is the perfect example of staying energized together…in and out the bedroom!


Money: Money is power in a marriage even if it’s subliminal.  Try your best as a couple to live debt-free , save and diversify your revenue streams. Believe in each other’s talents and dreams because it make you rich in love and one day rich in money!


Understand that marriage develops over time and being married to the love of your life is a reward. There isn't a ring or wedding that should stand in the way of true love.






Stay Sweet & Fabulous,