The Ring & The Social Network

Hello, Loves! Today’s blog post is inspired by a recent group discussion with beautiful couples, from Southern Belles & Gents to City Chic Couples.  It is important to distinguish as I have learned where a person is from can have an effect on their thoughts and opinions.  For example, the southern belles weren't phased by a big rock or fancy wedding.  On the contrary, the city chic ladies were all about a ring and wedding filled with glitz & glam.  Neither mindset is wrong as long as there is authentic love for their significant other.

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The conversation began with the ladies discussing the engagement rings and proposals, the things we have all dreamed since childhood One of the fellas looked over and asked about the appropriate amount to spend on an engagement ring and how to meet his girlfriend’s expectations despite his budget. I shared my thoughts as I feel every person should know and understand their significant other’s financial situation enough to set realistic expectations on the ring.  Couples should be knowledgeable and understand the importance of the 4 C’s.  The 4 C’s were developed by  Gemological Institute of America (GIA) - carat, clarity, color and cut.  With regards to the ring, BIGGER is not always BETTER.


Ladies, stop comparing ring sizes to a friend, celebrity or worrying what others will say about your ring after posting it on social media.  After all, does the size of the ring equate to how loved you are? Men should be allowed to choose a ring that is within a comfortable price range so that he is not still paying on your ring years into the marriage.  Truth be told, most women will be looking for an upgrade within the first 5-10 years of the marriage. The days of a groom spending one to three month’s salary on an engagement ring are over!  I would suggest making a personal decision based on the importance of the ring to your future fiance. 


Who remembers this episode of BET's hit TV series, The Game? Melanie loved Derwin so much but instead of crying tears of joys she was crying about the size of her ring!

Who remembers this episode of BET's hit TV series, The Game? Melanie loved Derwin so much but instead of crying tears of joys she was crying about the size of her ring!


This sparked another inquiry, “what happened to men just picking out a ring and surprising his soon to be fiance?”  I think all of the ladies had a shocked look on their face. Over time “the engagement“ has changed. More men are consulting with friends, family and even significant others to make sure he picks the perfect ring.  Ladies, it is okay to share your preferences but after that allow your man to do the leg work.  We should think of the ring as more than just a pretty stone that sits on your finger; it is symbolic of the covenant you are establishing. Allow the man to put his all into it so that he can feel proud.  And we all know the importance of stroking your man’s ego!


Alternatively, what about the man who is completely in love and ready to tie the knot but does not want to wait until he is able to afford a ring?  Ladies, what do you do? Accept happily? Accept begrudgingly? Decline?  We all have been taught that an engagement ring is symbolic for the love your significant has for you but do you earnestly believe in that?  Quite simplistically the ring is just that; a beautiful piece a jewelry  that you are allowed to boast on but it does in my opinion symbolize the love your partner has for you.   I understand that when a man takes a woman’s hand in marriage he gives her a ring BUT it is not a requirement that every proposal has to be done with a ring.  Some women are okay without an engagement ring and only having a wedding band as a symbol of their union.  The motive of a marriage proposal is for the man to confess his love and ask to spend the rest of his life with the woman, right?   The occasion is about much more than the ring given.  


Gentlemen, if you want to propose without a ring please understand that you are taking a major risk but the LOVE you share could be worth the risk.

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